A World of You

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8 to 25 Players

2 - 4 hours game time

£860 (from £36 per person)

Ideal for events that focus on an individual or a couple e.g. stag dos, hen dos, birthdays, anniversaries


Flexible location


You are stuck. Stuck in the intersection between dream and reality, where memories fade, collide or become obscured. This dream world has been created by your life/lives and contains valuable information from your past. This information is stored and concentrated in powerful fragments known as ‘memory shards’. These are your ticket out of here, find them before it’s too late!


You must complete a number of challenges, tasks and dares to find memory shards and gather points for your team. You will need to be cunning, daring and fast.


Note: This game is tailored entirely to the individual and will therefore require some friends and/or family to fill in a short questionnaire beforehand.



Players said:


“BLOCK STOP knocked it out of the park; delivering a tailored, varied, fun, interactive experience … best of all it was tailored to my likes and memories which made it feel very special”

Pete Easterbrook


"Massive thanks to @block_stop for their interactive game experience at my mate Pete's Stag this weekend. Highly recommend them."

Anonymous Player


"Great to meet you at the weekend and thanks so much for organising the game -

it was the highlight of the stag for me, brilliant fun!"



BOOK: A World of You

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