Counter Call

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4 to 24+ Players (Teams of up to 8)

1 hour game time (can be run several times)


From £675 (£28 per person)

Ideal for parties, exhibitions, staff socials, team buildings


Flexible location




The Resistance needs you!


A government plot has been uncovered, one that threatens life as we know it. It must be stopped. We have identified the key players in the plot and created plans to have these individuals ‘permanently removed’... this is where you come in.


Working together, you and your team will have 45 minutes to locate your target and deal with them discreetly: all whilst avoiding detection. Cracking codes, gathering intel and interacting directly with key characters, will you have what it takes to complete the mission?



Players said:


“BLOCK STOP’s ingenious game was so much fun and a great icebreaker.

We didn’t stop talking about it all night!”

Anonymous Player


“Absolutely brilliant game, we loved it. Thanks for the memories!”

Anonymous Player


BOOK: Counter Call

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BLOCK STOP create exciting story-based live action games. Our games see fictional events unfold in the real world, where players meet characters, solve puzzles and engage in playful narrative twists and turns.

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