Of Plagues, Deceptions and Other Things

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6 to 12 Players

2 - 3 hours game time

£760 (from £48 per person)

Ideal for parties, social gatherings, stag dos, hen dos, team building, icebreaking


Flexible location


An international enemy plans to release a specimen of the Bubonic Plague in London and destroy the only antidote. While it is too late to retrieve the specimen, there is a unique opportunity to steal the antidote and save the thousands of lives currently at risk.


You and your closest friends have been chosen to complete this dangerous, but heroic, quest.


Success won’t be easy. There’s information to uncover, codes to find, places to be and people to trick. To make matters worse, the evil enemy have slyly sent four moles into the mix.


Can you successfully retrieve the antidote, avoid detection and reveal the enemies hidden among you?



Players said:


“Gruellingly difficult in the most satisfying way. It was the Dark Souls of live action games”

Joe Cunningham


"We have had SUCH a fantastic evening - that was so brilliant! You're just amazing, I can't imagine how you pulled all that together!!"

Anonymous Player


BOOK: Of Plagues, Deception and Other Things

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