Quest of the Lost Haul

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12 to 30 Players

2 - 4 hours game time

£920 (from £33 per person)

Ideal for staff socials, team building, birthdays and large group events


Central London, starting at Monument. Location can be changed for an additional fee


Wanted: a team of intrepid adventurers willing to do whatever it takes to discover hidden treasure

Skills required: bravery, cunning, teamwork, decisiveness, dashing good looks


Hundreds of years ago a despicable villain, William Grot, stole ancient treasure from a number of innocent victims. For centuries his crimes went unsolved and the artefacts are now deemed lost forever. BUT… a determined band of explorers are now closer than ever to uncovering the elusive hoard.


Your quest is to beat the thief in his dastardly attempt to keep the treasure hidden. Finding clues, unraveling secrets and searching for answers, your mission will see your group divide into small teams and (attempt to) locate the lost artefacts using your collective brilliance and downright good-heartedness. Meeting distant relatives and associates of William along the way, you'll have to work out who you can trust and which clues you should follow.



Players said:


“THANK YOU SO MUCH to you and your marvellous team for such a fantastic day-

I can't tell you how much fun I had!”

Georgie Brehaut


“Excellently organised, smooth running, brilliantly planned game which was lots of fun!”

Kirstie Boon


“Our BLOCK STOP away day was brilliant - perfectly pitched and paced and so clever,

it was a great way to bond a new team”

Alanna Beeken


“Thanks to BLOCK STOP I can now say I have army crawled across Cannon Street Station!”

Anonymous Player


"That was utterly brilliant and so much fun! Thank you for the best away day yet!"

Anonymous Player


BOOK: Quest of the Lost Haul

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